2005 - ABORIGINAL E-COMMUNITY PROGRAM CONCEPT - A national initiative partnering with regional Aboriginal organizations PDF Here

Support First Nation community-based broadband connectivity, ICT deployment and application solutions that close economic, health, education, infrastructure and service gaps, generate new socio-economic opportunities and improve the quality of life of Aboriginal people. Knews Story

First Nations e-Community Strategy. Resolutions.  Assembly, Dec 6-8 2011. Ottawa, ON.  PDF

AFN e-Community for First Nation: A National Framework - Broadband connectivity and integrated ICT services provide First Nations with the economic, social and cultural capacity to support new opportunities and developments locally, regionally, nationally and internationally

Technology and Community Well-Being - One of Canada’s key challenges is to maintain a skilled and participative workforce in the face of an aging population. According to the most recent census, First Nations are the youngest and fastest-growing segment of the population, thus there is an opportunity for First Nations workers to significantly contribute to this  productivity challenge. Information and communications technology (ICT) offers  a gateway into rural and remote First Nations communities to deliver the skills  needed for First Nations youth to fill the vacancies that Canada will face as the baby boomers retire.