Report on NSL dark fibre connections work

Brain Beaton

Good evening NSL ... Gord Closen drafted a quick report on the work completed today in NSL ... I thought I would share it with everyone ... Have a GREAT weekend in NSL ... Brian From: Gord Closen Sent: February-01-13 8:15 PM Subject: NSL Update Both Internet and Cell service are currently working in North Spirit. Letting everyone have most of the weekend to catch up on Facebook and email. perhaps doing the switch over on sunday afternoon if adi is availible We were able to work with Raylene at the head end to get the service up the afternoon of Feb 1st. Fibre work at the cell tower/band office/head end/nursing station will take place on the weekend. Cell tower - FIbre loop left on top of the wave bridge. will install and terminate, install switch and SFP Band office - will install fibre drop between band office and Head end, install switch and SFP, Head end - fiber loop in building - will terminate and install switch and SFP - -ground plate was NOT connected to ground wire again Nursing station - fibre loop run to building - see above. Skates & hockey gear were delivered to the Band office