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KO-KNET review of Cable and Cellular Network facilities and connections

Brian Beaton, KO-KNET Coordinator

Jamie Ray, KO-KNET Technician and Pat Smith (KPE Electrical - former DMTS Network Manager) are travelling the winter roads to complete a site survey of the First Nation Cell Building, tower and the Cable Headend facilities and equipment. Their trip started this past Sat (Feb 16). They will be conducting a "drive test" to determine cell signal strength, meeting with the First Nation technician and completing an inventory with pictures of the sites in your community. A final report with recommendations on work to be completed will be shared with the local technician as well as the Chief and Council about the First Nation telecom network and facilities. See the attachment for a copy of the letter sent to each of the First Nation Administration office.


Brian Beaton, KO-KNET Coordinator

Please post, review and share the attached job posting for the KO-KNET Coordinator position that is being distributed and posted in the KO First Nations and in the KO offices in Thunder Bay, Dryden, Sioux Lookout and Balmertown. The deadline for this internal KO job posting is Feb 28. My last day at the KO-KNET office will be March 15. I am moving to Fredericton in April where I will be attending graduate school. At the last KO Chiefs' meeting Franz Seibel and I discussed the possibility of continuing to be part of KO as an associate researcher so I could continue supporting the great work that everyone is doing in the KO First Nations.

KO-KNET review of North Spirit Lake Cable and Cellular Network facilities and connections

Brian Beaton, KO-KNET Coordinator

The following letter was sent to the Chief and Council at the Band office ...

Report on NSL dark fibre connections work

Brain Beaton

Good evening NSL ... Gord Closen drafted a quick report on the work completed today in NSL ... I thought I would share it with everyone ... Have a GREAT weekend in NSL ... Brian From: Gord Closen Sent: February-01-13 8:15 PM Subject: NSL Update Both Internet and Cell service are currently working in North Spirit. Letting everyone have most of the weekend to catch up on Facebook and email. perhaps doing the switch over on sunday afternoon if adi is availible We were able to work with Raylene at the head end to get the service up the afternoon of Feb 1st. Fibre work at the cell tower/band office/head end/nursing station will take place on the weekend. Cell tower - FIbre loop left on top of the wave bridge.

NSL Update #2

Alvin Fiddler

FIbre termination complete at the Cell tower/head end/band office and Nursing station.

We will make sure that internet is working at the Band office tomorrow morning, and perform the switch over at the nursing station tomorrow as
well. (we'll need Adi's guidance for the Telehealth VPN)

We will say good-bye and thank-you to Raylene who worked very hard with us running and terminating fibre, as well as troubleshooting the cable
plant and the cellular service.

Hopefully we can be packed up and ready to go around noon. I will call if this changes or if we get delayed.

KO-KNET Technicians travel the winter road to NSL

Gord Closen and Anthony Koostachin drove all day on Thursday to get to North Spirit Lake late last night. They are in the community to complete the fibre termination at the cable headend in the new NSL Telco Building by the band office. They hope to also get the fibre terminated in the NSL Cellular Telco Building located up by the Bell Aliant tower. As well, there is NSL owned fibre that runs over the Health Centre that will be terminated as well, as time permits ... Be nice to Anthony and Gord, eh [smiles] ...

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